The Special Relationship

The American edition of The Game of Triumphs will be published in August and I am already getting ridiculously excited about it. For one thing I LOVE the US cover. Sexy and sinister! Hurrah!

The big issue about the US book is that the text is somewhat different to the UK version. It's not been radically altered, but some new material's been added, and other bits have been taken out or moved around. This will also be the case for the sequel. In fact, I'm doing the American revisions for Master of Misrule right now.

Now, re-editing a book you finished and published two years ago is not fun. In fact, it's a gnarly, horrible slog. And yet I'm kinda grateful to be doing it. As soon as a book hits the shelves I start fretting about all the things I'd like to do differently, if I had my chance again. And this is my chance! So the perfectionist control-freak in me is actually feeling rather good.