About Publishing

The publishing world can be a wonderful place to work – it’s full of interesting, creative people and you actually get paid to read books! Is there a down-side? Well, nobody goes into publishing to get rich. The hours are often long, and the work demanding.

So, if you do become a writer yourself, remember to be nice to your publishing team. They will have many books and many writers to look after apart from you. It’s a creative as well as business partnership and, like any partnership, requires a certain amount of give-and-take.

And if you’re interested in getting a job in publishing, there are lots of areas to specialise in. It’s not just editorial work. There’s marketing and publicity, production, design, sales … something for everyone! Some universities offer publishing degrees, but most people who work in the business are arts or humanities graduates who’ve done plenty of unpaid work experience. (Be warned: there is a LOT of photocopying.)